CoPSO Annual Conference 2019 - 10 days to go

18 March 2019

CoPSO is undergoing a strategy review and a large part of the conference this year is dedicated to this. You will hear about the suggestions made so far and how, by attending, you can influence changes going forward. During the morning session, we also have a great speaker line-up with – • Matt Prior from MHCLG giving the Government’s perspective on the future from home buying • Kate Faulkner from The Home Buying and Selling Group giving a consumer’s perspective and the possible scenarios for the housing market post-Brexit • Rob Stevens, Head of Property Risk Operations, Data and Strategy at Nationwide on the lenders’ perspective • Mark Hayward from NAEA PropertyMark on information upfront A panel session will follow and representatives from HMLR Local Land Charges Programme will also be available to answer questions. This is your conference and we encourage all members to attend – there is no charge – and it is your opportunity to shape the future of CoPSO. An informal dinner follows the conference, with entertainment kindly provided by our sponsor FCI. To book for the day, evening and hopefully both, please contact or call 0800 0499 912

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