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The Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) is the major trade association for the property search industry. Members provide a broad range of property search reports including local, environmental, mining, chancel repair, drainage and water data and undertake over 2 million searches each year.

The membership includes regulated personal search companies, producers of environmental and mining reports and a number of specialist search providers.

CoPSO - Cross Industry Guidance on reactivation of the housing market

15 May 2020

CoPSO has been involved with a cross industry group of representative organisations that has created industry and consumer guidance documents to supplement that which the Government issued as part of the re-activation of the housing...

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CoPSO appoint Terrafirma CEO, Tom Backhouse as new Director.

12 May 2020

CoPSO has appointed Tom Backhouse, CEO of Terrafirma as a new Board Member and Director. Tom is an award-winning geologist and entrepreneur, who founded and has successfully grown Terrafirma into an innovative and market-leading...

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