CoPSO is currently concentrating its activity on preparing its members for political change. 

Following the General Election, not only will the political landscape have changed, so too will be the regulatory, legislative and commercial environment. In these circumstances it will become ever more important for there to be clear and high professional standards to guide the sector through turbulent times and inform the political debate.

At a commercial level, the need to address outstanding concerns about access and charging will be paramount.

Accordingly, CoPSO is:  

  • working with industry stakeholders
  • promoting a manifesto for search services which revisits the 2005 OFT Report
  • working constructively with local authority representatives to reach a new agreement on access and a blueprint for search services
  • developing and promoting new industry standards for data providers
  • strengthening the Search Code to promote best practice and supporting targeted enforcement activity to root out bad
  • working towards a successful resolution of the EIR issue.

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