Move Reports UK joins the CoPSO Executive

22 November 2019

The Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) has announced that Move Reports UK has joined the CoPSO Executive.

Move Reports joins FCI, Infotrack, Index, PSG, Terra Firma, TM Group and X-Press Legal Services on the CoPSO Executive, which is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the organisation and directing the day to day operations.

James Sherwood-Rogers, Chairman of CoPSO said ‘we are delighted that Move Reports have decided to become Executive members of CoPSO and I look forward to welcoming them to future Executive meetings. These are exciting times for the search industry and the CoPSO Executive has been working on the future strategy for the organisation which will be completed in the first half of 2020. It is a great time for Move Reports to get involved in this strategy work and to participate in helping to set the future use of property information in the home buying and selling process.’

Richard Bray, Managing Director of Move Reports commented ‘as our business continues to grow and flourish, the time has come for us to join the top table in CoPSO and fully participate in setting the future for the provision of property information. As the home buying process is subject to increasing attention by both the Government and industry professionals there will be significant opportunities for our sector in the coming months and years.’

CoPSO has a total of 102 firms spread across all categories of membership and is the owner of the Search Code which is the definitive quality standard for the Search industry, with widespread recognition from conveyancers and mortgage lenders.

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