The Future of CoPSO

5 June 2019

As has been previously announced, CoPSO has been undertaking a strategic review since the beginning of the year and the outcome of this work will determine how the CoPSO Executive elects to move the organisation forward in future years. Whilst it is regrettable that a small number of current CoPSO Executive members have recently publicised their intention not to renew their membership for the forthcoming 2019/20 term, it is important to understand that the main cohort of members are still backing the value of the Search Code and how this evolves to support the future requirements of the industry. James Sherwood-Rogers, the Chairman of CoPSO said ‘whilst it is always regrettable when we lose members, it has no material impact on the operation of CoPSO and in particular the protection that is provided by the Search Code for homebuyers, lawyers and mortgage lenders. Over the 13 years since the Code was first launched in 2006, it has evolved and developed to ensure that whilst it remains the quality standard to be relied on, it does not stifle innovation in the industry. CoPSO and its members have had a huge positive impact on the speed, cost and quality of the provision of searches for home buyers for over 17 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.’ If you are active in the property search market and a search code subscriber and wish to help mould the future of the Search Code and CoPSO then please do get in touch.

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